Lance Corporal Joshua Gracin (joshua_gracin) wrote,
Lance Corporal Joshua Gracin

Tuesday April 2nd

Hello. Lets give this thing another try.

Tonight was hard. I was more than sure that I wasn't going to be here next week. Too be honest I had already packed a few things up. Rickey and I were extremely worried bout our positions on the show. All I can think to say is thank you to the people who voted for me. I was more than sure I was gone and when Seacrest told me I was moving on I was so relived. Rickey was sitting next to me and knew exactly how I felt. We were both so relieved.
Simon was right. My performance wasn't the best. I'm not a disco singer. I did the best I could in the category and now we move on. Hopefully to an easier genre for me.

At this point in the show I don't want anyone to go. There is so much talent in what we have left. I can't imagine a single person going. Once I saw Carmen, Trenyce, and Kim in the bottom three I kept thinking at how they were all so amazing. I can't believe they are there. But at the same time I couldn't think of anyone who should take there place.

I think that was good enough.
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